As a child I loved to draw, fairy tales and imaged about the wonderful adventures and sometimes i think i live in them. And over time nothing has changed...


I was born and raised in Russia, Moscow. My relatives absolutely don't creative people, but I draw from child time and like it.


My passion for illustrating started after reading books about wizard Harry, all his generation came to my school years, and later were books by Dmitry Yemets. Then I drew illustrations to all the stories that I liked, among them were by Jane Austen novels, "Jane Eyre", Strugatsky and Germany folk tales and the North myths


The big influence on me had  works of the golden age of the illustrations: Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, the Pre-Raphaelites and modern authors - PJ Lynch, Alan Lee.

I wanted to save the traditional art using freehand drawing using a variety of materials and paints of paper to achieve the effect of old. 

  • My mission: I just want a little to improve the world through my art.
  • My works have been published in America, Germany and Italy.
  • Several times i had my own exibition in Мoscow.


Another my passion except the drawing it is travel hitch-hicking. I prefer to travel alone (and do not afraid). This is my philosophy.


My first hitchhiking trip was in summer in 2013 to Lake Baikal and it took 2,5 months.  This trip was for me a real feat. The first I went alone. It made me a little look at your life, the people .. I did what before would never do - I'm afraid of heights, but nevertheless climbed on the rocks, and flying in the sky! When your overcome your fears - I think i became a another person. And now i love it.


In 2015 Apr-June I hitchhiked in Europe from Kaliningrad to Oslo, saw a lirttle bit Scandinavia, Germany, Poland and Baltic region. Also in auturm I visited Octoberfest and another pieces in Bavaria, Austria, Italy and after come back to Moscow, Russia 


In summer 2016 i explored Caucasus area. I set off alone again on Russian side for hiking. Then I decided to explored further the Caucasus, and when I got to Georgia remainded there for a full month and more. It was very bright and quite heavy travel alone bcs other mentality. I had a lot of advantures and find a new friends. So therefore with great pleasure that I then visited Georgia twice on that year combining with a trip in Azerbajan and Armenia


In 2017 i lived in Geogia eight months. visited several times Azerbaycan, Turkey.


Most of all I love to draw a fairy tale and people.

Maybe it's one of the reasons that prompted me to travel - collection new images, faces, scenery..   

In the trips I writing diary and drawing sketchers. You can see its below. Road stories I have not yet published, but from time to time I fill up my blog

Also I love clipmaker video trip. Some you can see below. Another on vimeo